Women in the Wild


A Wilderness Immersion Including:
Teachings from the MogaDao Sacred Sexuality  •  Women Who Run With the Wolves  •  Chinese Five Element Wisdom


Nature calls us back to ourselves, home to our most elemental rhythms as women. It is where we come from, and this we have always known. Indeed, there is a Great Remembering waiting for us in the cathedral of the wild, stirring our life blood in ways that nourish and anchor us once again to our vital core-instinct, aliveness, wisdom, and beauty. Our Sexuality, the creation energy of life itself, is the drum beating behind this rhythm. These days together will touch this naturalness in the palm of nature herself.

This retreat will carve a river of light in body and soul as it draws from the practices of MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality and Archetypal Qigong, land-based ceremony and ritual, Chinese Five Element Theory, the oracular book Women Who Run with the Wolves,  creative writing, community sharing, and solo time.

Your Guides

Sarah Byrden, MogaDao Sacred Daoist Sexuality Teacher and longtime wilderness guide is an experiential educator who will craft and lead this journey with her poetic signature of strength, depth, gentleness and intuition.  You can learn more about Sarah and her incredible work through her website: www.theelementalself.com

Kelly Shelstad, co-owner of Inner Guide Expeditions and professional guide will support this trip, offering her world-class backcountry facilitation, intuition and creativity.