Sarah Kreisman


Sarah is profoundly aware of her innate relationship to the wild, having spent many years cultivating that love through extensive backpacking, hiking and rafting tips, and guiding children through the forest relishing in the small and vast excitements of the natural world. She has worked with the Girl Scouts as well as facilitating wilderness education, exploration, and restoration efforts.

With a rich background Sarah brings a lot to the IGE team.  She served in the Peace Corps in Panama and holds a Master's degree in Organizational and Leadership Studies, writing her thesis on Ecopsychology and the importance of nature-based rites of passage to the health of the human-nature relationship.

Sarah says: “One thing that I have discovered about being human is that there are beautiful and exciting periods of growth and change as well as times when this growth feels undeniably painful and poignant. It was during one of these periods that I embarked on a nine-day rite of passage trip into the wilds of the North Cascades in search of wisdom, solace, and courage. As a result of my commitment to this journey of awakening and my readiness to receive whatever support I could, I allowed myself to perceive not only that limitless intelligence exists in the natural world, but that this same knowledge is alive within me, one of nature’s own creatures.”

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