Lael Smith


Hi there!

My name is Lael, I am an Oregon native born and raised on a piece of land nestled in the hills of the Applegate Valley. I currently reside in Bend Oregon where I studied Psychology with an emphasis in human development across the lifespan as well as conceptual and experiential love research at Oregon State University Cascades and Central Oregon Community College.

I am an avid outdoors adventurer and creative. I spend my time engaging in several different mediums of getting outside and making art. I love to ski, climb, highline, and bike, but when I am not doing those things you can find me throwing pottery, watercolor painting, or tinkering with other crafts. I have a deep belief in art and nature as healing mechanisms that can bring us closer to ourselves and others.

I feel passionate about interpersonal communication, diving deeper into self awareness, and cultivating safe spaces for self expression and vulnerability.

After my own journey with therapeutic work, I believe that as humans we are gifted with the power of change and resilience, and when we are faced with adverse experiences in our lives it is an opportunity for us to grow if we are willing to welcome it.
Some of the fondest and most self shaping moments of my life have been forged by going out of my comfort zone into the unknown and I strive to bring others into spaces where they too can have those experiences.

Over the past several years I have worked as a caregiver of all forms in unique childcare and elderly care situations. From being a regular nanny for two little boys, helping a young girl navigate the loss of her mom to cancer, and being on a care team providing support for a man with Parkinson's disease nearing the end of his life, I have learned to love, support, and hold space for people in all stages and seasons of life.
Alongside this I work seasonally leading multi day/ multi sport bike adventures and helping facillite people unlock their inner sense of adventure, connecting with others, and getting outside in a relaxed and playful way..

Looking into my future I am curious about pursuing a masters in counseling or women's studies peace and security but until then, you will continue finding me outside, diving into community, and helping motivate others to see the power of themselves and the outdoors.

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