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What We Do.

There is a river moving very quickly these days.

We’ve been given a boat. There may or may not be paddles. The paddles may or may not work. The current is swift and there are obstacles ~ downed trees, branches, hard corners, eddies, waterfalls. We look around. There are others beside us ~ loved ones, strangers, others we’ve just met ~ all headed downstream, yet we’ve forgotten how to navigate the waters. We get stuck, go off course, and capsize repeatedly. We try and figure it out alone. We blame the water, blame the people around us, blame the tree in our path. We look for distraction. This is too much to handle. How are we supposed to get anywhere like this?

Where are we even going?

We have filled our attention to the brim with all there is to do, where we think we need to go, our plans, agendas, our distractions of electronics, gossip, drama, the to-do list. When an obstacle arrives, we derail, lose patience, melt down, give up, or push all feelings to the side and charge forward. After all, we don’t have time. There are things to do.

This is what a majority of our lives feel like. This is the gesture we somehow find ourselves within. Inner Guide offers a balance and invitation to become reacquainted with one’s own internal compass in order to align with the flow of life moving through us.

Inner Guide reconnects one with the natural rhythms within and with the earth. In wildness, we feel ourselves mirrored, supported, and held accountable. Wild is the imbued constant that allows for what’s living internally to percolate up to the surface in order to explore and be curious about. And so the magic begins. As we notice the places where we feel stuck, capsized, or off course and dive in to explore the undercurrents, what’s underneath, we access more awareness about who we are and how we’re acting or reacting. We begin to course correct from the place of consciousness.

Inner Guide supports access to self-awareness, emotional intelligence, compassion, curiosity, and confidence that lead a person to be more equipped and resourced to handle the changing currents of their life.

This occurs through specialized facilitation and adventure into new lands by floatplane, ferry, canoe, or hiking boots or by way of curiosity and the gift of inspired questions. Adventure opens the mind, opens the heart, and inspires one into the self they’ve always felt within.

We introduce people to their own Inner Guide.

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