Custom Family Expeditions

Come back home to one another in a whole new way.

Have you ever imagined a family trip where you are able to be in facilitated conversations at night, dive into activities that help you know one another better, have the time and space to open and be vulnerable, healing stuck places, growing new bonds, getting to know each other in a whole other way?

In today’s age, there is rarely enough time to eat dinner all together. Schedules keep us busy with lack of time to truly connect the way we hope to. Sometimes it feels simply like room mates, going in and out of the house, on the way to the next thing.

Custom family Trips are a way to reconnect with one another in your family, adventure, have important conversations depending on what’s pertinent to your family, and share experience in gorgeous places in the world.

We work with you and your family to design the trip of a lifetime from backpacking anywhere in the States, to kayaking in Baja, from hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc in Europe, to camping on an island in the Boundary Waters, or bungee jumping in New Zealand. It can be as close or far away from home as you wish with any type of activity you choose.

Before the trip, we have several conversations to really become clear on what you would like the trip to focus on: A certain dynamic that needs to be highlighted? A challenge that is hard to get through? Simply to connect and have fun? We interview each person as well as invite the opportunity to talk with people outside of the family who may have insight you feel would be helpful for us. From all this, we design a trip with activities, experiences, and conversations to best suit your needs and provide ways to talk with one another and experience connection long after the trip is over.

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