Family Mediation

Facilitating understanding and awareness.

There are some conversations that are really best had with someone else holding the space, making sure that everyone feels heard, reflecting what each person is saying, and giving observations that bring awareness to a situation that feels otherwise charged and perhaps stuck.

We offer our services to families who are in need of a container with a mediator present in order to have the important conversations that need to happen between parents and children.

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"As a teen having personal communication struggles with my mom, one of the most helpful things is having Kelly by my side. It feels rewarding as well as refreshing to receive so much guidance when it comes to my relationship with my mom. Kelly has been present in conversations with my mom and me, and I always feel a step closer to where I want to be afterwards. Kelly knows exactly how to hold space in a safe, comfortable, and vulnerable way. I am able to express exactly what is true for me without feeling any bit of judgment. Having her support me feels so healing, and I'm so thankful for the time I spend with her."

Bianca, 16 years old

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