Olivia Miguelucci


Olivia has worked with kids since was a kid herself. It wasn’t always clear to her why she was so drawn to this work. Over the years, she figured out that she loved children because of the different way they operated from most adults. She finds endless inspiration in watching their open hearts, their ability to remain present, their curiosity, their ability to process emotion as it arises, and their willingness to forgive. It became apparent through her work with kids that at some point in their development, these gifts were diminished as input from peers, family structures, social conditioning, trauma, and pain overrode their innate wisdom. With this realization, Olivia became determined to help young people learn the tools necessary so that they didn’t have to spend their lives healing from their childhood.

Olivia was born and raised and has spent the majority of her life serving the community of Ashland. She has collaborated with such organizations as Body Basics and Beyond, Rogue Mentoring, and Flipside as a self-defense teacher, circle facilitator, and mentor. At North Medford High School she was a volunteer PE teacher in Martial Arts and also worked with the Teen Parent Program as a mentor and a doula.

Her love of nature has been a constant, since her first backpacking trip at 3.5 years old. It wasn’t until her senior year of high school, during her time in the Wilderness Charter School, that she was exposed to the intersection of nature and personal growth. One taste and she was hooked!

It’s been a decade-long dream to be a part of the Inner Guide team and she is so grateful to have the chance to give back to her community some of the gifts she received growing up in this incredible place. It really does take a village to raise children and she feels deeply honored to be entrusted with helping to shape the next generation.

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