Mentoring & Coaching

Build Optimism, Self-Worth, and Emotional Intelligence.

Mentoring is an essential aspect in providing youth today developmental and emotional support as they face day-to-day challenges that can feel overwhelming, confusing, or daunting. Research and studies show that youth benefit greatly from this type of a close, caring relationship with an adult as a positive role model outside of the family structure. They show an increase in self-worth, optimism, emotional intelligence, and practice in accessing their own innate wisdom.

We provide mentoring for adolescents and young adults, from 12-20+ years of age. We go to the heart and see each person before us as whole with wisdom and purpose. By meeting with them once a week (depending on schedules), we develop a relationship that transcends the surface of goings on, to dive under the layers uncovering what is there ready to be seen and felt. We give reflection, as it is pertinent, and ask questions without judgment, in order for them to unlock their own knowing and truth.

Beyond the walls of an office, mentoring for us looks like going on walks or hikes, out for tea, for a drive, grabbing a bite to eat, painting, or sitting in the park. It can look like just about anything that feels alive in the moment. We find by moving, through shared activity, youth are more at ease and open up in authentic ways.

Sessions last for two hours, usually once a week, if we are meeting in person.

Over the phone, sessions are an hour long.

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