9-day Spring Break: Epic California Road Trip

From the powder slopes of Mammoth Mountain to the sandy paradise of Santa Cruz to the sunbaked boulders of Bishop to the out of this world hot-springs, California is a planet all its own.

9-days Epic California Road Trip:

    • Bouldering (Bishop), Skiing/Snowboarding/soaking in hot-springs (Mammoth), surfing (Santa Cruz)
    • Surf lessons/rentals included

Thrill. Skiing down snowy hills while new best friends snowboard beside you. Sunlight permeates the winter sky. Ice glistens around you. Wind catches your coat as you glide through Mammoth’s winter wonderland. Exhilaration. Breathtaking views. It’s almost as if you are flying. Challenge. One hand at a time. Slowly climbing up rough boulders. The climb is like a puzzle, searching for the next perfect grip with every breath. You are present with the rock in front of you, learning how to face challenges and how to get back up after a fall. You are powerful. You are unstoppable.

Excitement. Paddling over waves on your surfboard, gazing over the endless horizon. The sun is warming your back. The sea is sparkling around you. A perfect wave forms in the distance, edging closer as your turn your board to prepare for the ride. The ocean sweeps you forward as you stand to balance. All at once, you are a part of the racing waves, balancing atop of the delicate foam. Your friends yell with excitement from the shoreline. Falling. Getting up. Paddling out again and again. It is incredible how much happiness can come from a board and a wave.

Serenity. Warm water embraces your body. Billions of dazzling stars captivate your vision. Tall, snowy mountains form a ring around your pool. Conversing about the depths of our world that we rarely get to explore as teenagers. Your heart overflows with passion for these teens that recently were strangers. Ten teens. Two mentors. One heart-shaped hot-spring. Love.

From the powder slopes of Mammoth Mountain to the sandy paradise of Santa Cruz to the sunbaked boulders of Bishop to the out of this world hot-springs, California is a planet all its own. You are invited to join us and explore both the physical landscape and your inner landscape as we embark on the spring break of a lifetime!

From the Teen's Perspective:
“Twelve teens. Ten days. Two guides. One initiatory adventure filled with connection, challenge, inquiry and play. On the California coastline, trying to balance a surfboard atop the ridges of fugitive tides, I learned that you can’t fight the waves — that grace only emerges when you relax your body and flow with the currents of life. While traversing the vertical heights of Joshua Tree’s rugged boulders, I discovered that courage doesn’t mean overcoming your fear but rather feeling the fear and acting anyways. On the powdered slopes of Mammoth Mountain, I found that play and failure can (and inevitably do) coincide, and that no matter what struggles I endured, I always made it down the mountain. And every night, during our ritual fire circle, I grappled with deep questions, learned to listen unconditionally to my peers and share vulnerably about my life. Supported by the wildness and beauty of the natural world, guided by two incredible facilitators, witnessed in a network of open-minded peers, I discovered my inner guide — that intuitive inner voice that is always supporting me, teaching me, and directing my life towards its highest potential.

Inner Guide Expeditions was my modern-day rite of passage, my initiation into self-love, and the metamorphic container that allowed me become the young adult I am today.” ~ Kate J, (Participant)



March 23-31, 2024

High School Students







Bishop • Mammoth Mountain • Santa Cruz



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Surfing lessons and equipment are included.

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